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SellSides is the ultimate infrastructure solution for those who are looking to maximize liquidity, reduce latency, minimize slippage, and manage risk in the crypto markets through its innovative EMM hub. 

EMM hub, is your aggregation, distribution, execution and risk management solution


Maker HUB 


Engineering the financial institutions of tomorrow. ‍Through crypto.

Build sustainable markets with our EMM hub. An all-in-one platform and a perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable gateway into the crypto market. EMM hub is designed to cover every token issuers' financial needs, and cuts down the complexity of crypto finance with technology and innovative products to push forward web3 adoption.

Our cutting-edge technology provides feature-rich, low latency connectivity, aggregation, pricing, and execution solutions to exchanges, brokers, and crypto token projects, empowering them to quickly enter the market.


An innovative approach to market making with EMM hub 24/7 liquidity offering

EMM hub provides a crypto trading infrastructure to ensure global coverage of token issuers' market-making needs. We align our interests and grow with you.


Whether you are a liquidity provider or liquidity taker, with EMM hub, you can trade with whoever you want 

You can host your environment based on your requirements. We can setup your environment on Equinix’s LD4, LD5, TY3, SG1, or any other datacenter of your choice. 


EMM hub, gives access to ultra low latency limit order driven liquidity solution 

Access deep liquidity and competitive prices for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat settlements through counterparties of your choice. 

We are connected to the leading exchanges, brokers, and liquidity providers

SellSides, CoinBase
SellSides, LMAX
SellSides, OKX
SellSides, FinaryMarkets
SellSides, Pepperstone
SellSides, BitMex
SellSides, Bitstamp
SellSides, PrimeXM
SellSides, OneZero

Integrated with more than 150 different exchanges, brokers, banks, and LPs

We rely on bright, inquiring minds to keep us at the forefront of our industry

We have a flat structure and all ideas are evaluated and, if workable, are prioritised and supported for implementation. we strive for a culture of collaborative energy and understand the importance of downtime.


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