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One trading platform to support the full trade lifecycle

EMM hub is much more than an OEMS. It’s a multi-asset crypto trading solution that connects the buy-side and sell-side with exchanges, OTC desks, prime brokers, and more.


Aggregation & Pricing engine

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  • Connect to 200+ exchanges, brokers, ECNs and OTC desks

  • Customize price aggregations across OTC desks and exchanges in a few clicks

  • See the firm liquidity your business can approach in the moment, comparing pre-funded exchange balances and all-in prices with OTC streaming pricing

  • Acquire over 40 ready-to-go connectors to major crypto exchanges, and liquidity providers through quote driven FIX API solution with no price throttle.

Helping institutions get the most out of digital assets

Digital asset trading doesn’t need to be complex. Trade at the highest standard through a single, familiar interface. Optimize execution with best-in-class algos and smart order routing designed to navigate the funding, credit, and fee nuances of the digital assets market. 

A low-latency, high-throughput trading platform supported by world-class infrastructure

Simple to set up and easy to use with API access available via FIX, REST, or WebSocket

Abstract away the nuances and idiosyncrasies of venue connectivity and reporting

Deliberately designed, engineered, and optimized for digital assets with capital markets expertise

Critical trading insight backed by trusted data

Real-time and historical insights from a unique data source. Access the analytics needed to trade in any market condition, across any alpha or risk horizon.

  • All-in pricing and firm liquidity: Talos dynamically understands fee tiers across exchanges, making price discovery versus OTC execution simple

  • Review prior months’ trading activity by venue, instrument, and strategy for spot, futures, and perps.

  • Understand each venues’ latency and liquidity profiles

  • Evaluate algo performance order-by-order

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