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Maximize your token and crypto exchange growth with EMM hub 24/7 liquidity offering

EMM hub provides a crypto trading infrastructure to ensure global coverage of token issuers' market-making needs. We align our interests and grow with you.


Remain in control of your tokens and strategy at all times

Stay in control of your token. SellSides offers the opportunity to build up your own liquidity and manage it actively with our technology. You remain in control of the liquidity you provide and thus don't give away a share of your tokens


Liquidity 24/7

Our algorithms are always running and our team of experts is available at your service via chat or voice



We never trade against you, and we always work in your best interests. We enforce this with stringent conflict-of-interest policies



Receive daily and monthly reports of your trading activities. Access live dashboards to monitor your asset valuations


Cost efficient

Your capital, your strategy, your P&L

EMM hub tightens bid-ask spreads around the spot price to facilitate trading at a fair price, hence reducing the costs to traders.

We are connected to the leading exchanges, brokers, and liquidity providers


Integrated with more than 100 different exchanges, brokers, banks, and LPs

Access the analytics needed to trade in any market condition, across any alpha or risk horizon

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