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SellSides is a Fintech company founded by a team of former financial services executives. Their experience ranges from FX, equity, structured solutions and algorithmic trading. We thrive to deliver the best service to our counterparties and we are continuously working to improve our  technology and expand our venue integrations.

In less than a year, SellSides grew its volume exponentially by developing its proprietary technology and integrating with several exchanges. Since then, SellSides has grown into a prop trading and technology powerhouse, serving numerous counterparties globally in most digital assets. SellSides’ technology serves a mission which strives to make crypto markets more transparent, fair and accessible.

SellSides is the quintessential choice for those seeking an efficient and reliable gateway into the crypto market. Our institutional-grade technology provides feature rich, low latency connectivity, aggregation, pricing, execution solutions to exchanges, brokers and crypto token projects. 

SellSides EMM hub is integrated with over 150 industry leading liquidity sources; including tier one banks, ECN’s and exchanges.

This enables clients the freedom to choose any liquidity partners and venues without technology constraints. Our purpose built infrastructure facilitates low latency connectivity and supports FIX protocol market/trade, WebSocket API, REST API, public API and private API.

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