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Connect to 200+ crypto exchanges at once and get the best possible price. SellSides institutional grade aggregator, and price engine technology offers a multi-connection, throttle free, quote driven FIX API integration solution.

Access crypto liquidity at your terms, and best possible prices


Aggregation & Pricing engine

SellSides integrations
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EMM hub liquidity aggregator, is designed to help you connect and collect the best liquidity from an unlimited number of crypto exchanges.

Acquire over 200 ready-to-go connectors to major crypto exchanges, and liquidity providers through quote driven FIX API solution with no price throttle.

Create your own aggregated environment, and trade with whoever you want based on trade size, toxicity, and spread

You have a total freedom choosing your source of liquidity, customise and aggregate pricing, monitor execution and even run own execution algo.  Trading through aggregated multi-venue execution is better redundancy, safer, cheaper and faster. 

SellSides can get you up and running in less than a week, and offers a dedicated hosting infrastructure for your environment based on your requirements. We can setup your environment on Equinix’s, or IBM, or any other data-center of your choice. 

  • A web GUI, or API to monitor, access and execute trades through a single platform.

  • Post trade execution , and full report that provides an in-depth execution information.

Tech structure

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