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EMM Hub solution offers a wide range of options for crypto markets. Our service allows you to customize your trading experience with features like throttle-free quote-driven and limit order-driven solutions. With our powerful EMM hub, the only limit is your imagination and computing resources.

Electronic Market Making  hub in your business


Maximize your token and crypto exchange growth with EMM hub 24/7 liquidity offering

We build long term relationships by offering exceptional service, expertise and trading capabilities tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Whether you are a liquidity provider or liquidity taker, with EMM hub, you can trade with whoever you want 

You can host your environment based on your requirements. We can setup your environment on Equinix’s LD4, LD5, TY3, SG1, or any other datacenter of your choice. 


EMM hub, gives access to ultra low latency limit order driven liquidity solution 

Fast and simple access to liquidity pools on major crypto exchanges. Aggregation, hedging, and risk parameters. it's your reliable gateway into digital asset liquidity pools.

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